One of the hardest things to write is one about someone who you never thought would left. Allen always had a a way of making me feel like I would be fine. Life would be okay & I could walk away from every situation unharmed. 11 years later- how wrong was I??? Allen taught me how the world was REAL. He never truly knew who he was… but here’s the thing he did. He was a strong, amazing, smart man. He knew who he was. He knew who his soulmate was-and luck enough… it was my mom. He married my mom in 2008 and he they married until he passed in 2012… you know what’s crazy…. I would NEVER be who I am with out Allen or his son, Jacob. The fact that even 11 years later he motivates me to be who I am. I am so grateful. Allen, I love you. I have found love and so have faith and Ryan, faith got married last year to someone who you would literally be so grateful of. Ryan is figuring his life out & I’m moving away from Cape Girardeau (I know you prayed for this) we love and miss you. I hope you know!